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Why Canada

Offering free primary and secondary education and subsidized post-secondary studies, Canada spends more on education than any industrial nation. Canadian universities and colleges have an excellent international reputation for high quality. One of the latest invention is Black Berry that has brought a revolution around the world in the field of communications. Also, The United Nations has often rated Canada as the best country in the world to live in. A high standard of living coupled with a clean environment facilitates excellent quality of life.

A new category is created by the immigration policy makers, which provides persons working or studying in Canada with quick access to Canadian permanent residence. The Canadian Experience Class, (CEC), will allow certain highly skilled temporary workers and international students, already living in Canada to remain in Canada while they apply for permanent residence without having to file their applications abroad. This will help the Indian students to obtain the Permanent residency without any problem and in the most legal and easy way. The students need to just graduate from the Canadian University and then work full time for one year to apply for this class. The economy is BOOMING! A fast growing, modern, industrialized nation, Canada offers unlimited potential and opportunity. With the highest standard of living, Canada is one of the richest countries and it just keeps getting better. At 6.8%, Canada's unemployment rate is at its lowest since 1976, with hundreds of thousands of new jobs created each year